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Five Ways To Find Members For Your Association

We’ve seen it all before. You are a great association that has a clear standpoint and you’ve suddenly come to a standstill with association membership. Finding new members for your association can be extremely difficult. Especially if you have a smaller scale association. However, there are very simple, and cheap, solutions for associations to gain new members. If you have active members, make sure you take advantage of that. Tell them to get involved in the membership process. Word of mouth is especially helpful to gain new members, even with smaller scale associations. Think about incentivizing the act of word…

The Five Goals Every Content Strategy Should Have

Creating a proper content strategy is imperative to maximizing your marketing, yet we’d argue that it’s equally important to create appropriate goals for your strategy. When discussing content goals, there are a few common ones that come to mind like generating sales and building brand awareness. However, today we want to share five ideas that might not be top-of-mind but always make the cut when we put together a content strategy. What are the five content marketing goals you should have? Continuously build trust with your audience Yes, we stated the obvious. If your target audience does not trust you,…

The Beginner’s Guide to Creating an Email Campaign That Converts

Email isn't dead. We've all seen the headlines that say, "Email is dead." However, email has proven time and time again to be an important channel to reach and engage with consumers. In fact, email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including search and social. Chances are you haven't tried email because just don't know where to start, or you have an email strategy but it just isn't converting. You're not alone. Email takes a lot of trial and error, A/B testing and maybe a little frustration before you can finally start seeing conversions. We've gone through…

How to Manage Your Content Calendar

If you work in marketing, you know how stressful it can be to keep track of everything you have to do and everyone on your team. This is where a content calendar comes in. There are a lot of moving parts that come with creating a content calendar. Not only should you outline the content you want to create, but you should also jot down when and where you want to share certain content. Although this might seem easy to create, content calendars are notoriously difficult to stick to. Even though they’re difficult, they are a great tool to keep…

Four Analytics That Measure The Success of Facebook Video

Facebook video’s popularity has skyrocketed in the past year. With Facebook’s updated algorithm, video has been performing really well and brands have been quick to jump onboard with this new trend, creating numerous videos to share with their followers. If you haven’t created a video to share with your Facebook followers yet… what’s stopping you? Facebook videos receive more reach than any other piece of content shared on the platform, including images. If you aren’t all that into the idea of creating, editing and uploading a video for your followers, hop on Facebook Live! With the popularity of expiring content,…

Why Your Brand Needs A Twitter Account

With numerous social media platforms emerging each day, it can be difficult to choose which ones are best for your brand. From Facebook to LinkedIn and Twitter to Instagram, each social media platform offers different benefits. Twitter has stuck out as a social platform for brands because it is an easy way to quickly connect with users and other brands. Twitter has deemed itself as one of the most conversational platforms with over 500 million tweets sent each day. With so many engaged users, brands need to be interacting in these conversations in order to stay top-of-mind. Still hesitant? We…

Will Email Become Obsolete?

Email took the world by storm in 1972 offering consumers a new way to communicate: online. Twenty five years later, when social media sites and blogging sites began popping up online, email wasn’t threatened much. However, as social media has evolved and the digital age has boomed, many consumers believe that soon email will become obsolete. So the question is: Will email become obsolete? No, but it won’t be the same email as we know it now. Just like how everything online has evolved, email will too. If you really think about it, Facebook started out as a hub for…
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How To Create A Killer Digital Marketing Campaign Part 4: Tracking Analytics

You’ve created your digital marketing campaign, you’re watching your audience grow and engage and then… your progress comes to a screeching halt. Don’t worry though, this is totally normal. As your marketing campaign launches, your impressions increase and your audience grows, It’s important to tweak your messaging so your content remains fresh and followers continue to engage. How do you know if a piece of content is working? One word: analytics. Here at Worbix, we’re data junkies. We rely on data to show us what works for our audience, what doesn’t and everything in between. Our social media advertising data…

How To Create Reusable Content

We all know the saying, “reduce, reuse, recycle,” but you may not realize that this principle can be applied to your content strategy. Reusable content can help you fill in the holes of your content strategy,  increase traffic to your website, save you time creating content as well as save you money on marketing resources. Once you have a solid distribution plan, you can start resharing content as little as three weeks after it was originally posted.   You might be wondering, “How do I create content that is reusable?” It’s actually pretty easy! If you develop a strong content…

Why Content Curation is Crucial

With the boom of the digital age, people are consuming more content than ever before. As an association, we know it can be really difficult to create enough content for your members to consume. With content curation, you don’t have to worry about creating a lot of content for your members. Content curation allows you to pull relevant content from outside sources and share it with your members. Tools like RSS feeds make content curation simple and inexpensive. Content curation is a great tool for associations both big and small. For bigger associations, with a larger budget and more marketing…