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Automated Emails

Why You Should Be Using Automated Emails

We’ve been hearing the phrase “email automation” quite a bit these days. What is it exactly? Automated emails allow you to send out mass messages to your customers at designated times. Automated emails are a great way to reach and maintain effective communication with your target audience. They are also efficient and customizable. If we haven't convinced you yet, check out the five reasons you should be using automated emails outlined below.  Saves time Agents simply don’t have time to write out personalized messages to each of their clients. By automating emails, you are able to reach your contacts without…

Online Marketing Trends

Online marketing trends are constantly evolving making it even more challenging for online marketers to keep up with advances in technology and what their consumers want. Whether the goal is converting leads to customers or increasing website traffic, there are numerous ways to get a consumer’s attention. Here are five online marketing trends we can expect to see in the remaining months of 2017. Augmented reality Augmented reality (AR) has been on the rise since the popularity of Pokémon Go. Since then, thousands of augmented reality apps have been created. What does this popularity in augmented reality mean for marketers?…

How to Leverage Email Marketing to Improve Strategy

Although social media seems to be at the forefront of digital advertising, email is still a main player in effectively reaching audiences and delivering content. If you’re just starting off with email marketing, it can be difficult to grow your audience and boost your conversion rates.  However, by adopting a few simple procedures into your email marketing plan, you can reach your respective goals. It is no question that users’ inboxes are overflowing with emails. Message after message telling them to try this product or read this content; but how do you make your content stand out? Relevant content is…
Welcome Emails

Why Welcome Emails Are So Important

Welcome emails are one of the most important messages you will send to your subscribers. Not only does it provide a warm welcome to your new subscriber but it also provides them with relevant content right away. In turn, they can be essential in boosting open rates and creating conversions. Although welcome emails may seem unnecessary, they can make a world of difference to a new subscriber. The type of welcome can range from a series of emails or one simple automated message welcoming the new subscriber and getting them accustomed to your content. It isn’t a bad idea to…
Social Media Etiquette

The Growing Importance of Social Media Etiquette in 2017

Since the dawn of the Facebook age, the importance of proper social media etiquette has only increased as more people use these services. For businesses that use social media for outreach and lead generation, including those in the insurance and real estate sectors, such etiquette is even more crucial. The posts you make online with your business's name attached will serve to create its reputation. More than that, poor etiquette can drive users away from your pages or cause them to avoid you altogether.  With social media showing no signs of slowing down in 2017, there has never been a greater…

How to Use Email Marketing Statistics to Improve Your Strategy

When trying to put out your message (and ultimately, your services) to as many people as possible, no tool can be as effective as email marketing. However, it's not enough to merely formulate a basic strategy, compose your emails and start sending them. You should be trying to track how they perform as well. Through a clever use of statistics and careful monitoring, it becomes vastly easier to gauge just how well your campaigns perform. In fact, having access to the right statistics can help you make adjustments that ultimately result in better lead generation. With that in mind, what…

Four Steps to Finding the Marketing Idea That Fully Engages Your Leads

Have you ever had an "Eureka!" moment when the perfect marketing idea strikes you like a bolt of lightning? While those sudden "light bulb" moments are the dream situation for those working in industries like real estate and insurance, in reality, they are relatively rare. Instead, determining the best way to market to the leads in your industry is often the result of a lot of hard work, careful consideration and repeated efforts over time. (more…)