Why Your Brand Needs A Twitter Account

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With numerous social media platforms emerging each day, it can be difficult to choose which ones are best for your brand. From Facebook to LinkedIn and Twitter to Instagram, each social media platform offers different benefits. Twitter has stuck out as a social platform for brands because it is an easy way to quickly connect with users and other brands. Twitter has deemed itself as one of the most conversational platforms with over 500 million tweets sent each day. With so many engaged users, brands need to be interacting in these conversations in order to stay top-of-mind.

Still hesitant? We have put together four reasons why your brand needs to be active on Twitter.

It’s great for customer support

Customer service conversations have become more and more common on Twitter. Although you may have a customer service platform within your website, more customers are turning to Twitter to share their frustrations. Although you might see these complaints as a tarnish to your credibility, you can help combat these complaints and frustrations with a simple reply. Be sure you are checking your mentions continuously during the day and promptly reply to any complaint you receive. Your brand may have steps in place for crisis management already but adding some Twitter best practices to that list isn’t a bad idea.

More commonly now, brands have asked consumers to use certain hashtags for support or complaints. This way, brands won’t have to dig through their mentions to find complaints and can simply search the hashtag to find them easily. These hashtags make replying to customer complaints or questions quick and efficient.

Users are more likely to shop online

This may seem surprising. You might think that with all of the advertisements floating around on Facebook that Facebook users would be more likely to shop online. In actuality, a whopping 73 percent of Twitter users shop online each month. A lot of brands use this to their advantage and use Twitter as a lead and sales generation tool. According to Hubspot, 36 percent of brands use Twitter to boost lead generation. Because you are in constant contact with your audience on Twitter, you are able to use strong CTA’s in your tweets and profile without seeming too “pushy” to your followers.

You can easily curate content

Every brand is different when it comes to curating content versus creating content. Content curation is the act of gathering information relevant to a specific topic or industry. Content curation can be effective for filling holes in your distribution strategy as well as offering your audience more, relevant content. On Twitter, you can easily share other people’s content by simply clicking “retweet.” By doing this, you can remain on top-of-mind to consumers by constantly being on their newsfeeds.

By easily hitting “retweet” on a piece of content, the original content creator will get a notification that you have shared their content. This is great because if you are a constant retweet-er you can start getting noticed by other brands. In turn, these brands will most likely return the favor and share your content.

Product Updates

According to Twitter, 74 percent of people follow brands on Twitter just to get product updates. This is a huge opportunity for marketers. This means that you have the opportunity to share product information with an engaged audience. People will simply follow you on Twitter to learn more about when you release new products or when you update your current products.

Product update announcements don’t have to come in longform blogs or a pricey ads. Simply by sending a short tweet, possibly with an image, you are able to share a product update with followers.


If your brand isn’t on Twitter, you should probably consider starting an account. If you’re already on Twitter make sure to follow us: @WorbixMarketing. If you want more marketing tips sent straight to your inbox, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below.

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Jackie is the Digital Marketing Intern at Worbix. Alongside the marketing team, she manages our social media accounts and creates content for our blog. She is knowledgable in social media best practices and website optimization.

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