How Your Content Strategy Can Boost Lead Generation

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Creating and distributing content is free. With content marketing, you can generate quality leads for close to no cost. This means that buying leads or paying a huge amount of money for ads that just aren’t converting is a thing of the past. All you have to do is optimize your content to make it more attractive to your audience. However, this means that digital and content marketers have to take a more strategic approach to creating content and subscription forms.

You may believe that you have killer content opt-in forms, but chances are they’re not boosting lead generation if you aren’t doing these ten things:

Build a buyer persona

It is important to know who you are writing content for. By building a specific buyer persona, or a group of buyer personas, you are able to better understand what your audience really wants. A buyer persona is a detailed write-up of your ideal, or possible, customer. Don’t be afraid to go into a lot of detail with these personas. The more detailed information you have about your persona’s values, problems and goals, the easier it will be to create content for each persona. By building a buyer persona and doing research on what each persona is looking for, you can boost engagement with your content and lead generation forms.

Figure out your current lead generation strategy

According to Hubspot, it is increasingly important to benchmark your current state of lead generation. You should do this so you can determine the areas where you need the most improvement. Using analytics and internal reports can help you analyze which of your web subscription forms are doing well, which content is resonating with users and what you need to change in order to see more conversions.

Write long content

Writing long content can be a daunting task. However, more in depth content is what consumers are looking for. It provides more value to readers and shares a more detailed message. In addition, longer content ranks higher on Google. Content 2,400 words or longer tend to go viral or get more hits than its shorter word competitors.

Consider using content upgrades

A content upgrade is a post-specific lead magnet. These upgrades are designed to enhance the reader’s experience by upgrading their content. In addition, content upgrades offer readers more insight on a certain topic. For example, if a consumer were to visit your blog to read about content marketing strategy, a content upgrade may appear telling users if they enter their contact information they can download a step-by-step guide to upgrade their content marketing strategy. This example shows how the posts are related and portrays the idea of upgrading the user’s content by offering more insight on a given topic they are interested in.

Include tweetable or shareable quotes within your content

Every writer wants to create shareable content. But what if there was a way to share only part of your content and not all of it? There is a simple WordPress plugin that can allow users to tweet certain quotations within your content. These types of plugins can increase Twitter followers and boost lead generation through social media. In addition, you are able to see what parts of your content are most important to readers by viewing which parts are being shared the most.

Include share buttons in your emails and on your webpage  

This is a no brainer. If you aren’t already including a share button in every email newsletter or blog webpage you have – you should start. Share buttons make sharing your content easy. This means that users can share your content on their social channels by simply clicking a button. In turn, this simple sharing boosts engagement with your content and traffic to your website.

A/B test opt-in form content

According to Unbounce, A/B testing different opt-in forms will give you insights on how subscribers react to the differing forms. By using multivariate testing you can test a number of elements within each post, including images, media and text. With A/B testing different opt-in forms you will maintain subscribers’ overtime.

Try a subscription pop-up

Sometimes readers of your blog won’t subscribe simply because the subscription form is too hard to find. Think about where your subscription form is. It could be tucked away at the bottom of your blog post and on your blog postings’ sidebar. Although those seem like relevant places to put a subscription form, the amount of users that are scrolling by those forms and not subscribing is probably high.

Unbounce says that by using an email subscription pop-up, you are making your form more noticeable. Even though it might seem annoying, a pop-up can be optimized to only show after a number of seconds or on certain pages . This means that the pop-up won’t be as invasive and it puts your CTA right in front of the user.

Host a webinar or podcast

Writing content isn’t the only way to boost lead generation. If you’re looking to switch things up, try hosting a webinar or recording a podcast for your blog visitors. Both webinars and podcasts can increase your email list efficiently and quickly. Webinars are great for your email list because it adds a sort of urgency to users to type in their email and attend the session. Later, you can even turn the webinar into a podcast and share the recorded video with attendees through email.

Podcasts are great because they are prerecorded and can be downloaded with ease by a user. If you create a unique landing page related to your podcast, you will see how your podcast is converting. Additionally, it allow users to sign up for your email list.

Send a thank you email

According to Hubspot, thank you emails doubled engagement rates of standard marketing emails. This alone should motivate you to send thank you emails to all of your new subscribers. This gives marketers a chance to share content, social links and CTAs with their new subscribers. In addition, their engagement rates with these platforms will skyrocket.


Creating content and web forms that boost lead generation doesn’t have to be difficult. By using a strategic approach to implement some, or all, of these tips, you will be sure to have a content strategy that converts.  Want more marketing tips sent straight to your inbox? Subscribe to our newsletter below:


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