How To Create Reusable Content

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We all know the saying, “reduce, reuse, recycle,” but you may not realize that this principle can be applied to your content strategy. Reusable content can help you fill in the holes of your content strategy,  increase traffic to your website, save you time creating content as well as save you money on marketing resources. Once you have a solid distribution plan, you can start resharing content as little as three weeks after it was originally posted.  

You might be wondering, “How do I create content that is reusable?” It’s actually pretty easy! If you develop a strong content distribution strategy and follow these simple steps, you can create reusable content that will be continuously helpful to your audience.

Stick to the basics

The great thing about reusable content is that it only has to cover the basics. Of course the topics must be relevant to your association but they don’t have to dive deep into any specifics. If your association is dedicated to community outreach something as simple as How to get your community involved’ lends itself to being reused. Chances are, content like this won’t get old anytime soon, especially if you’re focusing on your association’s mission.

This type of content is also great for new members. Don’t be afraid to share reused content with your new membership to help get them engaged and in-the-know about what your association does.

Keep it timely

The content life cycle is continuing to shrink, especially when your can update, change or completely delete something with the click of a button. This is why is it imperative that your reusable content is timely. Chances are, if you’re writing a current events piece about what trade shows your association attended in March of 2016, members in July of 2018 will not want to hear about it. Make sure you’re sharing content with your members and followers that they care about and that is time appropriate.

Change up your content

Reusable content doesn’t have to just be blog content. If you are creating webinars, podcasts, videos and infographics as a part of your content strategy, you can also throw those into the reusable pile. If you continue to share various forms of content, your members are less likely to get bored and the opportunity for engagement expands across multiple platforms.

This also helps the redundancy of reusable content. The more you diversify the content you share, the less redundant the reused content will seem

Update content

Reusing content doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to share the exact same piece. If your association has evolved, make sure that the content you share evolves with it. Don’t be afraid to go back into your content and make minor edits before you reshare them with your members. Your members will be happy to see that you’re keeping your content up to date as changes are made within the association. Just remember to include a disclaimer that the piece has been updated.


Reusing content is a great way to fill holes in your content distribution strategy as well as save your marketing team time and resources. Although reusing content may sound redundant and unamusing, if done right, it can be extremely effective for members, both old and new.  For more content marketing tips for your association, sign up for our newsletter below.

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Jackie is the Digital Marketing Intern at Worbix. Alongside the marketing team, she manages our social media accounts and creates content for our blog. She is knowledgable in social media best practices and website optimization.

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