Should You Be Creating Podcasts?

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Just like associations, there is literally a podcast for everything. Not sure what a podcast even is? Aside from being an easy way to share content with your busy members, a podcast is a digital audio file that you can post online or share in an email for your members to download. The ease of podcasts and the growth of smartphones allow members to listen from anywhere.

Still not convinced of the value of podcasts? We came up with five reasons why your association might want to consider adding this content type into your strategy.

High engagement

With all of the clutter online, it can be hard to stand out and increase engagement with your members. Podcasts help to cut through that clutter and deliver quality content in an engaging way. Audio content can ease the monotony of continuous blog content. Because of the high engagement, you can increase traffic to your website and grow your audience.

Build an effective relationship with audiences

Although you may already have a strong relationship with your members, podcasts are an effective way to build on those relationships. It’s been said that podcasts are a more intimate channel of communication because listeners can actually hear the speaker communicating. Also, a podcast episodes can be anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes in length – compare that to a blog post that is usually skimmed through in a matter of minutes.

Podcasts are flexible

Unlike having to adhere to the rules of radio or television broadcasts, podcasts are a way to share quality content on your own terms. With radio broadcast, you would have to abide by certain time restraints. A podcast can range from five minutes, to two hours, or more; it’s completely up to you and the story you choose to share. Podcasts also allow you to share content that may be deemed too controversial for national television broadcasting.

The possibilities with podcasts are endless, which means that you can try out different tactics to see what engages your members. Try testing out short and long podcasts, as well as educational and storytelling, to see which received the most engagements. This data will help you build content for future podcasts.

Easy to create

We know how time consuming content creation can be. Adding the creation of podcasts to your plate every week seems like content overload. However, podcasts are fairly easy and inexpensive to create. You don’t need to spend hours in an expensive studio to create a great podcast. Investing in a high quality (there are reasonably priced options on Amazon) microphone and a pair of headphones will get you off to a good start. If you find that your podcasts are overwhelmingly popular, you may want to consider using a studio and hiring someone to edit them.

Encourage promotion

Look at podcasting like another weapon in your marketing arsenal. Encourage subscribers and members of your association to listen with periodic updates. Encourage subscriptions through email and across social media platforms. Enlist in podcast directories to be sure that your podcast is being seen by a wide audience.

There are a lot of ways to share content with your members and we know how difficult content creation can be. Podcasts are a great way to engage members in an interactive way. For more content tips, subscribe to our newsletter below.

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