Four Analytics That Measure The Success of Facebook Video

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Facebook video’s popularity has skyrocketed in the past year. With Facebook’s updated algorithm, video has been performing really well and brands have been quick to jump onboard with this new trend, creating numerous videos to share with their followers.

If you haven’t created a video to share with your Facebook followers yet… what’s stopping you? Facebook videos receive more reach than any other piece of content shared on the platform, including images.

If you aren’t all that into the idea of creating, editing and uploading a video for your followers, hop on Facebook Live! With the popularity of expiring content, more and more users are logging online when brands choose to go live for real time live chats. Facebook live video is viewed three times more than a pre-recorded video, so at least consider utilizing Facebook Live if you don’t want to go through the length process of creating a video for your followers.

After you’ve posted your video online, you have to be able to track it in order to monitor its’ success. We’ve broken down some of the top Facebook video analytics and how they work so that you can create and track Facebook videos with ease.

Video Views

Facebook does a really good job of letting you know how long your audience is watching your video. They break down views from three seconds, ten seconds and full video views. This is really important for video creators because it can help you interpret how engaging your video is and where your audience tends to drop off.

All of these insights are important because it can tell you how engaging your video is from start to finish. If you’re seeing a large amount of your audience watching the full video, that is most likely a good sign that you have created a relevant video for your followers from start to finish. If you are seeing an overwhelming amount of your audience drop off before three seconds, make sure you tweak your future video content.

Video Engagement

Positive engagement is extremely important when it comes to video engagement on Facebook. Typically only nine percent of your audience will be able to see your video and engage with it. This means that if you have 100 followers, only nine people will be able to view your video.

Positive engagement happens when people like, react, share or comment on your video. If you have a high positive engagement rate than the possibility of being able to reach more people for your current and future videos is likely. If you find that you are getting a lot of negative engagement, or none at all, it will compromise the reach of your video. Monitoring your video engagement is extremely important because of how it affects your reach. Be sure to keep track of how your video is doing and take notes on what to change or keep the same for your next video.

Video Length

Let’s be honest, if you are sharing a three to five minute video on Facebook to promote your brand, your engagement rates are probably suffering. A video created for Facebook should be 20 to 90 seconds in order to reach peak engagement. If you create a longer video and see an overwhelming amount of people only watching about half of the video, that should give you insights into where to cut down your future creations.

Keep track of where you’re seeing the highest engagement in your video and take note of what kind of content is featured in those areas. This can also help you create a video that is both the perfect length and the best content for your audience.

Video Sound

Make sure you track whether or not your audience is viewing your video with, or without sound. Chances are, a lot of your followers are scrolling through their newsfeeds and not turning on their sound to watch your video. In order to keep a high engagement rate with the users who are listening without sound, make sure that you incorporate subtitles. Subtitles will help grab your followers’ attention and let them watch the video without volume. This can be extremely important to future video creation. If you see a spike in silent watching, you definitely need to incorporate subtitles or create a text heavy video.

If you are creating videos for Facebook, let alone any social media platform, you should be tracking analytics for it. Analytics can help you, not only improve future videos, but help you become more savvy in creating and sharing your videos. For more digital marketing tips sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter below.

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