How to Manage Your Content Calendar

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If you work in marketing, you know how stressful it can be to keep track of everything you have to do and everyone on your team. This is where a content calendar comes in. There are a lot of moving parts that come with creating a content calendar. Not only should you outline the content you want to create, but you should also jot down when and where you want to share certain content. Although this might seem easy to create, content calendars are notoriously difficult to stick to. Even though they’re difficult, they are a great tool to keep your content strategy organized and your subscribers engaged. Still not sure how to manage a content calendar? Keep reading to find out five tricks on how to manage your content calendar.

Consolidate all of your calendars

The biggest issue with creating one, solid content calendar is that you are probably using numerous calendars and struggling to keep everything straight. You have to consolidate all of your calendars, including your teams’, into one, cohesive calendar. By consolidating, including your social media distribution calendar, you are able to visualize the upcoming content you have to create and posts you have to plan.

Consolidating all of your calendars may seem crazy but it can help you and your team remain organized and accountable. Combining calendars also means that you are able to assign tasks to your team, keep due dates clear and keep everyone on the same page in terms of messaging. Including your social sharing calendar with your content calendar can also streamline your distribution strategy.

Commit to it

Your content calendar is only as good as you make it. Your content calendar will not be successful if you do not commit to it and revert back to your old ways. If you commit to your content calendar, you will be able to plan your content, watch your team collaborate, communicate better and maximize your marketing efforts.

If you do not commit to your content calendar, you will not see the results you were originally hoping for and your status quo will soon takeover. Even though it may be tough and frustrating at first to create a killer content calendar, stick with it! The results are worth it.

Keep an eye on your surroundings

A content calendar isn’t always set in stone. Be sure to keep an eye on trends in the market and other current events and edit your calendar as you see fit. For example, if you see Twitter releasing the ability to tweet 280 characters then you probably don’t want to share the article you already wrote about how to perfect a 140 character tweet. Keeping an eye out for current events might seem like a big job, but it is as easy as scanning a digital marketing RSS feed every morning when you arrive to the office.

If you see a big trend about to break, don’t be afraid to write a quick article or review on the new trend for your audience. They will be appreciative that you’re, not only keeping up with the trends, but sharing your opinion on it.

Plan even better content

It’s a good idea to plan out a few months in advance when you are creating your content calendar. This way, you can plan out and start creating content months in advance so that you can focus on other marketing efforts in real time. However, never think that you can’t change content when you put it on your calendar. If you are getting an overwhelming amount of people gravitating towards a specific piece or style of content, don’t be afraid to switch up your content to mirror what your audience likes. After all the point of creating content is to engage your audience… right?

Create a status report

A status report can help you keep track of who is responsible for content and what stage it is at in the creation process. This is important to add to your content calendar to keep your team on track and motivated.This will also help you visualize your team’s workload and assign tasks as you see fit.

If you are creating content regularly, it is probably a good idea to create and commit to a solid content calendar. Content calendars, when used correctly, can help you maximize your marketing efforts and create content that converts.

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