Giving you the ability to send multiple emails and social posts with just one click.

Content Library

Easily manage all your articles and images in your content library.

Content Curation

Easily curate relevant content with our customizable RSS feeds and content streams. 

Content Sharing

Shareable content within the platform allows for another option to easily curate relevant articles and images. 

Compliant Content

Easily perform compliance checks with the click of a button. 


Simple, yet effective content distribution through our multi-level platform.


Our campaign feature allows you to create one email or social post and share it to your different agencies and agents, with their brand and contact information.

Compliance Check

We offer compliance checks at each level which gives you the ability to easily send content to your compliance officer for review.

Email & Social Posts

Not only can you create custom email newsletters, but you can also share content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


View post analytics and contact engagement in one central platform.

Email Post Analytics

Monitor and track the content your contacts are engaging with through our detailed email post analytics.

Contact Details & Analytics

Conveniently see your individual contact's engagement and analytics information in their contact details.

Engagement Dashboard

Quickly see the latest engagement information on your contacts as well as your most recent posts in an easy-to-read format on your dashboard.