Why Content Curation is Crucial

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With the boom of the digital age, people are consuming more content than ever before. As an association, we know it can be really difficult to create enough content for your members to consume. With content curation, you don’t have to worry about creating a lot of content for your members. Content curation allows you to pull relevant content from outside sources and share it with your members. Tools like RSS feeds make content curation simple and inexpensive.

Content curation is a great tool for associations both big and small. For bigger associations, with a larger budget and more marketing resources, content curation can help you become a thought leader. For the smaller associations, with limited marketing resources and a smaller budget, content curation is crucial to share continuous content with your members for little to no cost.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, keep reading to find out why content curation is crucial for your association’s content distribution strategy.

Adds value by expanding content forms

We all know that quality content takes a lot of time to plan and write. This is where content curation comes in. Content curation helps you deliver value to your members by sharing various forms of engaging content, aside from just blog content. Utilizing content curation means that endless infographics, videos and podcasts are at your fingertips and ready to be shared. Just because you aren’t personally creating the content doesn’t mean it won’t be valuable and relevant to your members.

Saves time & resources

You can say goodbye to worrying about your continuous content distribution strategy because content curation gives you the ability to start crossing off tasks on that “someday” marketing to-do list  by offering already-created, high-quality content.

For some associations, extensive marketing resources are not in their budget. Content curation is a lot cheaper than outsourcing content and having it written for you. If you have limited marketing resources, content curation is a cheap, yet effective, alternative.

Builds connections

Say you’re constantly sharing one organization’s content. Chances are, they will notice the multiple shares and return the favor. By curating content you can build relationships with other associations, brands and websites – who knows what opportunities can stem from there?

Enhances credibility

Content curation gives you the opportunity to share multiple perspectives on any given topic. This can give you credibility in the eyes of members because you’re sharing varying perspectives and all angles of a given subject. By sharing high quality content with your members from another source, you are accepting that content as a part of your association’s message.You’re also establishing yourself and your association as a leader in your industry and one who stays current.  

Beats burnout

Lastly, coming up with fresh content ideas over and over again can be extremely difficult. Content curation beats burnout by allowing you to share content that is already created. Utilizing curated content from time to time will let you focus your efforts elsewhere, while also filling the holes in your content distribution strategy.

We know that content curation isn’t for everyone, but it has helped many associations, both large and small, share continuous, high-quality content with members. If you’re looking for a tool that offers simple ways to store and curate content, be sure to check out Worbix. For more association related tips sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter below.

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Jackie is the Digital Marketing Intern at Worbix. Alongside the marketing team, she manages our social media accounts and creates content for our blog. She is knowledgable in social media best practices and website optimization.

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