Will Email Become Obsolete?

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Email took the world by storm in 1972 offering consumers a new way to communicate: online. Twenty five years later, when social media sites and blogging sites began popping up online, email wasn’t threatened much. However, as social media has evolved and the digital age has boomed, many consumers believe that soon email will become obsolete.

So the question is: Will email become obsolete?

No, but it won’t be the same email as we know it now. Just like how everything online has evolved, email will too. If you really think about it, Facebook started out as a hub for college students to connect. Now, Facebook is the largest social network connecting millions of people across the world. Email has actually evolved along with social, too. Email is the way for social platforms and businesses to connect with you off of the channel. As each social network continues to evolve, the need for an email address upon login seems to be staying put.

In addition, email has become increasingly capable on mobile, which means that users can check their email from anywhere. Around 86 percent of users check their emails on mobile. This high percentage means that marketers across the country are optimizing their emails for mobile and making them more engaging than ever. As marketers learn to evolve with email’s new capabilities, email marketing becomes more engaging and comprehensive.

Email is also a lot more widely accepted than any other communication channel, including social media. The older generations that aren’t into joining social media? They have email. The younger generation that has a profile on almost every social media site? They have to have an email to log in.

Still not convinced that email is here to stay? Check out some of the channels that were supposed to kill email, but didn’t:

Social media

It’s no surprise that the rise of social media was supposed to take over the communication benefits of email. With social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, it is easy to be “in-the-know” about what your friends are doing at all times. Each social platform has their own messaging capabilities which makes one-on-one messaging even easier. However,  email and social media support each other as opposed to working against each other. Drip campaigns can be created based off of who clicked on a link to your Facebook page, social media helps to build your email newsletter lists and social and email campaigns can be harmoniously cohesive.


We all know how annoying constant emails can be. When email was first launched, spam overflowed user’s inboxes. Now, with a simple spam filter, users never see unwanted emails. In addition, it is extremely easy for users to mark an email as spam or move an email to the spam folder. This action will also help the spam folder to recognize other emails from the same sender and automatically mark them as spam.

Text Messaging

Although people use text messaging to stay connected to their personal relationships, many marketers fear to sync text messaging and marketing tactics because they think it might be too intrusive. It is no question that people are attached to their phones and some brands have taken advantage at that, aside from the possibility of being too intrusive. Whether it be sending text message promotions or reminding consumers that they still have items in their online carts, text messaging does work for some brands. However, it doesn’t replace the capabilities of email because it isn’t a way to share newsletters, blog content or other longform communication. Without email, brands wouldn’t be able to regularly communicate with subscribers.

Instant Messaging

I think we all remember the few months that AIM was extremely popular. But as quickly as it became popular, it began to fizzle out. Now, applications like Slack and Skype have emerged to take over the instant messaging world. Although extremely popular, these platforms will never replace email because they are designed for internal communication as opposed to client facing messaging.


As various channels have emerged and publications have plastered “email is dead” over their front pages, email has actually prevailed and remained relevant against competitors. Here at Worbix, we don’t think that email is going anywhere anytime soon. Be sure to comment down below and let us know what you think.

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Jackie is the Digital Marketing Intern at Worbix. Alongside the marketing team, she manages our social media accounts and creates content for our blog. She is knowledgable in social media best practices and website optimization.

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